In DJI Go 4 where to find RID?

Ok… I’m a newbie here… just got my hands on a Phantom 4. It supposedly has the latest firmware for the batteries, the controller, and the drone. I can connect and fly it in my backyard, but I’m trying to register with the FCC and I can’t find the Remote ID. If I look in DJI Go 4 in the about section, I see a “Flight Controller Serial Number”, but number doesn’t seem to be what the FCC is looking for.

So, my questions… does the original Phantom 4 support RID? If so, how do I find it so I can register properly?

Thanks for the help!

No. It’s not on DJI’s list to update either.

FYI, the FAA keeps a list of compliant aircraft here.

You can attach an RID module like this Holy Stone RID module:

Awesome. I’ll stop looking!

Remember, the faa estimated the rid modules would cost abour $50 each, im still waiting. Jim

I don’t remember that, but it would be an odd thing for the FAA to attempt to quote since they don’t manufacture RID modules.

If $59.39 is about $50, then you can also find the Holy Stone RID module here on eBay: