IMU Error /

I fired up my P4P+ in my back yard where it has always flown fine. I get a notice on my screen that says “Can’t Take off” then “you are in a no fly zone” and finally “IMU error.” The rear lights are blinking green 5 times, then two Red. It has never done any of this before.
I’m about 4 miles from the Woosley fire in West Hills, CA. Could the no fly zone for that fire extend all the way here? And would that give me an IMU error?

Here’s the current no fly zone for that location:

If you need a closer look, go to the Airmap website and enter the location where you’re flying to see if it’s located within that no fly zone.

Per the P4P+ manual, that looks like the blink pattern for a no fly zone. Here’s what the manual says:


I don't think the IMU error issue is related. Perhaps it was just a bogus error message. Do you still see that error now when powering up your Phantom?

I no longer get any IMU error message. I still get a window that says I am in a no fly zone, And the status bar at the top of the screen says “Cannot take off.” I do not want to photography or interfere with any fire fighting efforts, but I do want to fly, low level, in my own back yard. Is there any way to unlock the drone?

Only DJI is able to unlock no fly zones. If you have some type of special authorization to fly in this no fly zone, you should contact DJI at [email protected] to get it unlocked on your DJI account. Otherwise, you’re going to have to wait until the no fly zone is removed.