Images on Drone

HI Guys;
Newbie question.

I flew without an SD card (forgot it) and now don’t know how to get images/videos off the drone . I think they were stored in cache???
I have tried downloading to the DJI Assistant 2 for Phantom. These come up as DAT files.
I cant open these with my existing software.
I reckon these might just be flight logs anyway.

Im so lost…
Any help would be appreciated.


The SD card is where the full res images and video’s are stored. They are not anywhere else, except for lower resolution images on your device.

Yes, the .DAT files are the on board flight logs.

Yeah thanks Fly_dawg. I’m aware of that. I really want to get the images off the drone however. I don’t care if they are low res. Just don’t know how to do it.

There are no other images on the aircraft other than those stored on the SD card. That is the only place they are stored.

Look into your DJI app. It should have made a shot sample video of your flight. You should be able to save and download that segment of video. Good luck!