I'm baaack!

Sold my mavic pro a couple years ago so I haven’t posted. My dad is here somewhere with his P3A but it doesn’t get used much.
We’re both impressed with the mini 2. Other than a couple features it flies just as far and takes great videos.
Even handled the wind on the lake the other day.
Feels good to be back flying again

Also looking for any must haves
I have an extra battery
Trying to keep it simple
Anyone use this single usb charger?
single battery charger

I have Three batteries and I was charging the batteries in the drone, one at a time… I did not like having to leave the drone out where it could be “hurt…” and then having to handle it each and every time to swap out batteries as they charged. I broke down and bought the 3-way charging hub and could not be happier… Must have! You will probably buy more batteries…

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I got a charging hub, battery, and a case.
mini 2 case