I lost my Mini 2 yesterday - be careful of the wind!

See that building out in front.
Can you try using google maps and put it in a straight line?

That seems so logical to me and I have been targeting just a few trees in. Next time I’ll move my chair back 10 feet or so and see how that works. This week we are preoccupied with my wife’s cataract surgery. I also hope that the winter winds will dislodge it - fingers crossed.

Do you mean the farm in the terminal video? Not sure how that would work. It’s about 800 feet away and on an angle to the tree line. I think the soccer goals are a better landmark for measurement.


why do you need a reference point etc as the LatLon postion is known

Your craft in the tree at 40.25430765, -74.49379857.
Red line = 33 meter.


I’ve been monitoring your post to see if you’ve gotten your drone back, any luck?

It’s been a month now - I’ve been back five times with no luck as yet. . .We’re supposed to have a big storm Monday night with 50-60 mph wind. My wife has offered to buy me a replacement but I haven’t given up :slightly_smiling_face:

Success! We had another storm last Saturday with 50+ MPH winds and at last my “lost” mini 2 was shaken loose. I found it this afternoon in an area I had searched several times before. Now I can begin to start the DJI Refresh process. Does anyone who as gone through this before have any suggestions?

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Excellent! Nice that the storm did some good! Nothing a little crazy glue can’t fix:) Seriously, I haven’t been through the process, but I don’t think it is that big a deal.

See today’s post - Patience works…

good find after such a long time, nothing wrong with some stormy weather!

succes with the Refresh procedure, after that ; happy many landings



That’s wonderful news, I’ll bet that makes your wife happy as she said you could replace it.

I have not had to replace my Drone under the Care Refresh policy, but I did just have dealing with the Care Team and I was impressed.

I bought a New, Mini 2, a couple of weeks ago from Costco but the camera was defective so I returned it to Costco (easy-peasy), but I had purchased the Care Refresh Policy directly from DJI and I was concerned how to change the Drones over. If yu have ever read the Care Refresh Policy, it is very specific about what they will cover and the Drone’s and Gimbal’s (Camera’s) serial number are critical.

You can read about my adventure in this posting…

However, my experience with the Care Team was all positive!

I would advise you do much the same as I did, try to anticipate what they might need: your name, address, phone number, your DJI username, the policy number (I included a PDF of the policy), photos of the Drone, etc…,

But, MOST IMPORTANT… Read your policy first, especially Section II, Replacement Process, you may have issues dealing with the unbinding process…

Remember, the Care Team Technicians/Associates are probably reading/speaking English as a second language, so spell out what you want in simple terms, use short sentences, no long paragraphs, no clichés.

I speak as a 30-year veteran who has served in Italy, Germany, Spain, Japan, and South Korea as well as the North, South, East, and West parts of the United States. If you think it was difficult communicating with the hosts of these foreign nations, you have not listen to a guy from Boston and a guy from Georgia in casual conversation.

Now, the only thing you need to decide is how you want to replace the Drone, do you want the regular or the Express service…

Once again, Fantastic News and Good Luck. Please be sure to keep us apprised on how it goes, “Enquiring Minds Want to Know…”


Your reference to the unbinding process seemed harmless until I started searching the Internet for a situation that matched mine - I was able to insert a charged battery and start my drone and controller - looked through all the drone menus and found nothing about unbinding. . . after about an hour, I looked at the Fly App and “doh!!” found what I needed under Device Management. After unbinding, I chose the Care Refresh Express option and only had to fill in my contact details, my choice whether or not to return the battery and pay $49 for the service. In a few minutes I received a return UPS Ground label by email and 10 minutes later I was dropping off my injured bird at the local UPS office. So far so good.

Thanks to you and everyone else who took the time to offer advice.

Paul, Send the Battery back, it has been outside for “how Long…” in the rain, hail, snow, and whatever Mother Nature threw at it… First off, it’s now an old, used battery and DJI says the battery is good for about 200 charges. It’s also not water proof (rain…) or frost proof, (Bitter nightly cold and snow). Just saying… B as LT

Oops, forgot to remind you, take the MicroSD Card out of your old drone before you send it in…

The SD card was the first thing I removed - much better recording of the drones last flight!

On the battery - the Mini 2 battery compartment is pretty secure and sheltered from external elements. It charged up and I used it to work thru the unbinding process. According to the Air Data Log that tracks all my component usage, this one had only been charged three times, thanks to inactivity during the pandemic so I decided to keep it.

Looking forward to getting back on the flight line as we see some warmer weather.

Did you try the “Find my Drone” facility on the RC? It makes the drone beep!!

Find My Drone was excellent in showing the GPS location of my Drone within about 10 feet - but the aircraft was stuck in a tree about 50 feet up - and yes, there was a sound as long as the battery lasted but my directional awareness of sound location is not good since I only hear in my left ear - a result of the Train Fire activity at Fort Ord in 1964…

I just finished posting a really, really long topic on how I fixed a problem I had after getting my replacement Drone. You will soon be getting your New Drone from DJI, but your Phone’s or Tablet’s Network Connection will still be “wedded” to your old, returned Drone. This has nothing to do with the Fly App or the software, it only has to deal with the WiFi of your phone/tablet. If you have problems performing a Quick Transfer with your New Drone, this is how I fixed it.

Update: Replacement received - the process was delayed because of bad weather between New Jersey and the Texas DJI Service center, but this bird will be flying soon!

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