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I Lost my Drone

Please need help !

4 days ago, during 2nd flight that day of my Air 2 drone ( altitude was 25m in normal mode ) , the following notifications respectively appeared on the interface :

  • Signal GPS lost , Fly with Caution
  • " GTCNN. . . " ( don’t remember the rest ) GPS interference
  • Seconds after : Aircraft disconnected ! …and i lost control. I watched the drone flying away (150m distance ) then i lost visual sight after couple of seconds .

I retrieved from my mobile the .DAT flight log, read it using DatCon application, but and i need someone to interpret it !
Link to the files:

P.S, : the area where i was is rocky mountain 2350m altitude.

any explanation about what happened & any advice will be appreciated.

Please provide the .DAT. That would be

What you provided won’t be useful.

Uploaded the .DAT file, Please check this link.
appreciate it