I don't know the cause of the fall from 6m of the new DJI AIR 2S

Please can someone find out from the flight record the reason for the drone’s fall?
Description of the situation: the distance from the drone was 25m and while tracking the object it stopped responding and then fell to the ground. No warning message was received. Even more important weather occasional unexpected side gusts of wind. Please advise, I don’t know if the mistake is on my side, I would not like to repeat it. DJI Flight Log Viewer - PhantomHelp.com

It appears that right front motor/prop lost propulsion. Either the prop broke or the motor became obstructed and couldn’t turn fast enough.

At time 125.383 the Air 2S began to tumble; pitching down/forward, rolling CW and rotating CCW on the Z Axis. All consistent with a loss of propulsion on the right front.

As a result the Air 2S began to lose altitude

The support is not cracked and the drone will take off again after calibration, but I am afraid of a repeat of the problem. The drone is brand new (purchased a month ago). Is this a reason to file a claim? How should I proceed correctly to avoid another fall? Thank you for answer