I can't navigate the drone back to my position


Referring to flight recorder 5th march.

Control mode 2

On 6 mins 27 sec the problem occur.

1 ) I cant yaw the right stick fwd to move back to the remote to land.

2 ) on 6 mins 52, I’ve turned off the remote and turn back on to see if this fixed the issue but it does not.

3 ) on 7 mins 14, Ive turn the drone to the left side to see if it can fly sideways back to the remote but it does not.

4 ) on 7 mins 28, I’ve tried to activate RTH but the flight is not navigating to the remote so I cancelled.

5 ) on 7 mins 47, Ive turned off the remote and turn back on to retry to fixed the issue.

6 ) on 10 mins 35, 10 mins 40 sec, 10 mins 44 sec, and many more try, to yaw the right stick forward trying to get move the drone back to the remote but the drone still did not respond. It can go further but cant go back to the remote.

7 ) on 15 mins and 15 sec, I’ve give up and try to crash land the drone for safety.

All of this in tripod mode and the drone was not flying fast.

Could it be at 49.6s the drone has updated the home point and it has reached the max distance. Thus it cant go back to the remote? but i did not seeing any alert that the max distance has been reached.

Anyone experienced this before?

Sent to support but the support said nothing they can do because ive crash land it myself in the flight log. I guess thats the DJI policy. No matter what, do not crash land it to safety. Let the drone crash itself and let it hit and killed someone below :sweat_smile:

Actually the drone is ok, i can change the propeller myself and refit the body casing. But now I’m kinda scared to fly the drone above sea or lake if this keep occurring.