How to retrieve flights log from DAT file in DJI MINI 2 Drone?


I’ve retrieved the DAT log file from DJI Mini 2 drone using the DJI Assistant 2 App.

What’s next? How can I retrieve the flight logs from this DAT file?

P.S. I cannot retrieve the flight logs from my phone because it was lost.


The .DATs contained in the file created by DJI Assistant are encrypted. But, if you want to take a look anyway you could use ExtractDJI to extract those .DATs. ExtractDJI comes bundled with DatCon or CsvView which can be obtained here

When I downloaded the CsvView or files, after extracting them my Norton immediately went to action and removed the exe file with warnings that there was a “Trojan.Gen.9” virus in it, and it has been removed.
Puzzling. Any idea?

I also use Norton and have run into this problem. In fact, when I generated the CsvViewSetup.exe in my development environment Norton would immediately remove it. I finally managed to retain it and direct Norton to scan it which showed no virus. I’ve tried to get Norton fix this problem to no avail.

Can you try the CsvViewSetup.exe in this Dropbox link
and see if you have any better luck?

Thanks for the quick answer.
I downloaded your file from dropbox. Norton quarantined. I instructed to restore and ignore, than scanned again with Norton, and surprise, surprise it is OK.
False alarm. Thanks.
I hope it will work, will see.

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