HOW TO: Import DJI flight log data into Telemetry Overlay

Note: This feature is available in Flight Reader version 1.5.11 (or newer).

Telemetry Overlay makes it easy to create a heads-up display for your drone footage. You can import the CSV file generated by Flight Reader and automatically overlay gauges displaying your flight data on top of videos recorded during the associated flight.

Follow these steps to set up Flight Reader to output the needed CSV file compatible with Telemetry Overlay:

  1. Add the built-in “TelemetryOverlay” log template in the Flight Reader Options by following these steps:



    At that point, you should see the “TelemetryOverlay CSV Log” in your list of log types here:

  2. Process a new flight log or reprocess an existing flight log.

  3. Right click that flight log in the main Flight Reader window and choose “Open Log Folder”.

    In the folder that opens, you’ll find a new CSV log generated for use in Telemetry Overlay.

  4. Start Telemetry Overlay and click the “Load video file(s)” button to import the needed drone footage.

  5. Click the “Load telemetry file(s)” button and select the “DJIFlightRecord_[date]-telemetryoverlay.csv” file from step #3 above.

    Telemetry Overlay will load the selected CSV file and generate the default set of gauges like this:

Note: If the “Read extra streams” setting is enabled in Telemetry Overlay, you’ll be able to access additional fields from the Flight Reader CSV for use when adding custom gauges. That setting can be enabled here:

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