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How to get flight summaries from iPhone to MacBook

Hi - I am new to this list but hopefully some wise person can point me in the right direction.

I want to generate a simple log in Numbers (Apple equivalent to Excel) on my Mac that contains date, time, length of flight, distance flown, maximum height, location, and battery used for every flight. It seems that the summary page of the DJI Go 4 app report section has most of this information but it is not possible to just download this summary info as a table.

From what I can gather all the data for each flight is included in the record and you can copy over a text file to the Mac but I have been unable to find a program that can extract just the summary data.

I did look at an online app called Air Data but the file it produces seems to be a second-by-second account of every change in direction, speed etc. and I can’t figure out how to get just a summary.

Seems like this program Flight reader does much of what I am looking for but it appears to only be available for Windows and is pretty darned expensive for a program that I might use 20-30 times a year just to keep a running tally of the flights that I have made with my drone.

Can anyone suggest a path I can follow to achieve my goal?

Many thanks in anticipation.


Flight Reader can create summaries like this, but they are in CSV format. I’ve never seen another application that does something similar.

I like this tool. I personally think its WAY over priced for what it does.

Not knowing this I have been doing a similar excel sheet since I started flying. Sucky part I have to type it all in manually. But after each flight it only takes a few minutes. I also don’t have all the cool features this does. If I can spare a hundred bucks I may try it out.

Here are the columns in my excel:
Date Time Location Drone Duration Total Mileage Max Distance Max Height Max Speed Ave Wind Max Wind Battery # Takeoff Battery % Landing Battery % Max Battery Temp App Takeoff GPS Takeoff Sea Level Notes

I also have a separate tab for any maintenance stuff

Thanks for sharing

That likely just means you’re not my target customer. Most of the people who use it are doing commercial work. And it’s far more expensive to pay someone to do the same work manually.

Airdata pricing starts at $179 per year. And one must pay that fee forever. It’s not an exact replacement for a tool like Flight Reader, but it does have some similar features.

FWIW, I do spend a lot of time building, maintaining, and supporting my free online log viewer. Sure, it’s not the same thing as tools like Flight Reader and Airdata, but it’s an alternative for people who’d rather trade personal time for money.

It is possible that you could do this with a Pivot Table and Formula’s. As of now, I am not aware of anything that exhists that you are wanting to accomplish. In saying that, you need to be rather fluent in Excel to accomplish this. Have not tried it personally. Don’t really see the need when you can have the block sets of CSV files from @msingers free online tool to get them. Once the “template” is created you can import the flight CSV’s directly to that, and it should provide what you are asking about.

Thanks… I meant no disrespect … sorry if it came across that way

Finances are TAPPED heavily now. Perhaps when things settle down I will get it. Like I said it does look good.

Will it go back and get all my flight data from air data or just the new ones

I’m definitely Excel savy (well above the average user - but not at the level to do this stuff)


No worries. I understand exactly where you’re coming from. Like many things that are available for sale, the price isn’t always going to make sense unless it’s a product you really need.

Look at the crazy high prices of DJI drones. Many people probably think we’re crazy for spending that much on a drone. I won’t tell them how many I have now… :wink:

Yes - I did find Flight Reader but as soon as I saw it was a Windows ONLY app I did not research it any further because I need something that works on Apple - either as an MacOS or iOS app.

I find it very strange that DJI stores all of this information right on my iPhone but then gives no mechanism to share a summary of the log data to a file. I have no interest in the second-by-second reading of all the telemetry alll I want to be able to record is date, time, flight time, max height, distance flown and possibly a battery ID with the starting and ending capacity.

Pretty simple - does your online program give this summary or is it like AirData that gives me way more info than I know what to do with it.?

I have an Airdata HD 360 Lite account. I normally only use it to check out calculated wind data, so I’m not familiar with the reports it generates.

Flight Reader generates a CSV file with a record of each time a specific battery or aircraft was used. That file looks like this:

The CSV columns are customizable. You can choose which fields to include and the order in which they are displayed.

Here’s a current list of columns available for the aircraft report:


Here’s a current list of columns available for the battery report: