HOW TO: Get FedEx to deliver a DJI drone when you're not home

When ordering a Spark or other products from the DJI Store, your package will most likely be delivered by FedEx. DJI requires a signature to be collected for all FedEx packages. When you receive your FedEx tracking information, you’ll know a signature is required if the tracking information includes “Indirect signature required”.

Per FedEx’s website, here are the ways an indirect signature can be collected:

  • FedEx obtains a signature from someone at the delivery address
  • FedEx obtains a signature from a neighbor, building manager or someone at a neighboring address
  • The recipient can also leave a FedEx Door Tag authorizing release of the package without anyone present

If you know you’re not going to be home when FedEx is scheduled to arrive and there is nobody else available to sign for you, you can print out this door tag template, complete the sections below, and tape it to your door.

1) Print your first and last name (or the name entered when you placed your order with DJI)
2) Print the date your package will be delivered
3) Print the tracking number (e.g. “Tracking #610340961461”)
4) Print the date your package will be delivered
5) Check this box
6) Sign and print your name (of the name of the person from #1 above)

Note: By providing a signature via a door tag, you will be responsible if your package is damaged or stolen after FedEx drops off your package.