HOW TO: Fix DJI unknown error code 180

After installing new firmware on a DJI drone, you might see an “Unknown error (code: 180)” message when attempting to start the motors on your drone. That means you’re currently running a version of DJI GO 4 or DJI Fly that is not compatible with the firmware on your drone.

Follow these steps to resolve this issue:

  • If running DJI GO 4 or DJI Fly on a mobile device, install the latest version of DJI GO 4 or DJI Fly from the Apple store on your mobile device (if using an Apple device) or from the DJI Download Center (if using an Android device).

  • If using a DJI remote controller with a screen, connect it to Wi-Fi by swiping down from the top of the remote controller screen and install all available firmware updates when prompted. DJI app updates are often included with the remote controller firmware and it’s easiest to let that automatic install process handle everything.

    If you’re already using the current remote controller firmware, then manually install the current version of DJI GO 4 or DJI Fly on your remote controller by following these instructions.

Is this related to having enabled RID broadcasting on the drone with a new FW update and RID is not supported on older versions of DJI GO 4 or DJI Fly, so you are grounded until RID is able to be broadcast?

I believe it can happen in any scenario where the app version and firmware version are out of sync. I’ve seen it mentioned a lot recently (due to your mention), so thought it would be worth sharing.

Definitely a worthwhile mention, as well as a cautionary tale to be careful about updating to any FW that includes RID to enjoy any other perceived new feature, as it might completely ground you, if you don’t have all the other necessary compatible RID app components updated as well! When in doubt, if it ain’t broke, don’t go fixin’ it! LOL!

This is an accurate fix!…… as I was downloading it my controller popped up with an update to .60

Thank u!

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