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HOW TO: Cache the maps in DJI GO



When flying with a mobile device that’s connected to the Internet, the DJI GO maps will download and display in real-time as you fly. If your mobile device is not going to be connected to the Internet while flying, then you’ll need to cache the maps in a location where you have an Internet connection before heading out to fly. Once the maps are cached, they’ll be available later even after restarting DJI GO and/or your mobile device.


Configure DJI GO to cache the maps

The “Cache Maps in the Background” setting (see the screenshot below) needs to be enabled in DJI GO in order for the map images to be stored locally (cached) on your mobile device when viewing the map in DJI GO. If that setting is not visible in DJI GO, then it’s automatically enabled by default.


Caching the maps in DJI GO

Do the following to cache the maps in DJI GO:

  • Connect your mobile device to the Internet
  • Open DJI GO
  • Go to the flying location on the map
  • Zoom in to the desired zoom level
  • Scroll around on the map to load the map images in all areas where you want to fly

Here’s an example showing someone caching maps in an old version of DJI GO (previously named “DJI Pilot”):


If using an Android device, the maps can also be permanently cached using the “Offline Map” feature. That feature can be found in the following section of DJI GO:


Note: The Offline Map feature is not available in some versions of DJI GO. If you’re using a version of DJI GO that does not include the Offline Map feature, then install an older version of DJI GO, cache the maps with the Offline Map feature, and then reinstall the newer version of DJI GO you were previously using. If you know you’re using a version of DJI GO that includes this feature and it’s not displaying in the menu shown in the above screenshot, then try restarting DJI GO.

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local map won't load

Since I am flying a P4P+ the internet device is connected. I do have wifi connection and internet service where I am on my cell phone. But I see no map when I open the maps tool on the controller screen . And my General Settings page does not have cache maps in the background. Can I connect the controller to the internet by hard wiring it to my laptop?


Thank you, folks. I checked and my wifi was off. I turned it on but still no maps. I got a screen wanting me to up date something but when I tried, it aborted the update. Finally after turning both the drone and the controller off and on a few times, the maps appeared. I have since followed the video’s instructions about storing maps and so far it appears to be working.

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