How does this Mini 2 Video Quality Look?

I purchased my Mini 2 in April 2021 and have flown it roughly 150 miles. I’ve had a couple of crashes on landing which involved 3’ falls onto a wooden deck in both cases. Recently I took a video using 4K 30 fps and I’m trying to decide if the footage is as good as I can expect from a healthy mini 2 or if mine is developing some issues. I read somewhere to always record in 4K 30fps to obtain the best video footage possible but unfortunately I don’t have anything to play it back in all it’s glory. I’m seeking opinions from other Mini 2 owners on this forum who have video equipment capable of playing 4K 30 fps video and wouldn’t mind downloading the file and see how it looks on their equipment. The video is straight off the SD card with no processing of any kind. No ND filter on the camera. What has me concerned, when I play it I see some “stuttering” occurring as I start the right turn at the end of the street. Warning, the file is pretty large at 1.5GB.
Thanks in advance!

I am sorry but I also have a Mini 2 and I also cannot view the 4K from mine in all its glory either. I suggest you copy your file onto a Thumb Drive and take it to a store or business that is selling TVs capable of viewing 4K and plug it in to their TV.

Businesses like Best Buy who have qualified sales staff on duty are your best. Target, Walmart, etc… do not have knowledgeable associates who can switch the input on the TV from cable to A/V (or whatever…) to view your file. The staff will be most obliging when the store id not full of customers.

You tell them you really want to see what the quality of the TV is with a “real life file” not one of their “optimized” images that do not normally appear on the TV.

Good Luck!

Thanks for the suggestion, hadn’t thought of that.
Just out of interest do you mainly record in 4K? I’m really wondering if the advice I saw on Youtube about always using 4K was good advice? I’m experiencing random stuttering and hesitation, which I found particularly noticeable on this video, playing it on my laptop which has Intel Iris Xe graphics. My main concern is whether my Mini 2 has sustained any subtle damage in it’s two crashes. I’m very interested in what Mini 2 owners opinions are of the video quality as compared to their own Mini 2.

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My computer and my tablet (I use a Galaxy Tab S2-8"screen and an A8-10" screen to fly and process the files) will not process the 4K video and my TV isn’t 4K either and if I wanted to share it, the files would be HUGE… and I would not be able to enjoy them, the hazards of old technology… When I shoot video, it’s in 2.7K.

Your system experiences “random stuttering and hesitation”, mine does not just stutter, it falls down and cries like a baby.

I’ve posted the How-To Shoot Photospheres on this and other web sites so you can post your Photospheres on Google Earth and Google Maps…

I am also active on the MavicPilots Website

I use the same user name all over… LoudThunder.

I think you will see more traffic on this site and they have sub-forums for each DJI model, member Locations, and more.

Hope to see you there.

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The photosphere pic is very neat. Must look into that.