How do you protect your Mini 2 props? (poll)

The Mini 2 props are fragile and not easily detachable, so it’s important to keep them protected when not flying. What are you using to protect your props?

  • DJI Prop Holder
  • RCGEEK Silicone Prop Covers
  • SunnyLife Prop Clip
  • Nothing
  • Something else (tell us what you’re using below)

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Here are a few of the most commonly used prop protectors:
  1. DJI Prop Holder

    Fully encloses bottom props. Top props are held in place with a buckle. See more details here.


  2. RCGEEK Silicone Prop Covers

    Two piece, soft silicone material. Completely encloses props to protect them. See more details here.


  3. SunnyLife Prop Clip

    Soft silicon buckles wraps around drone and snaps to securely hold the props in place. See more details here.