Holy Stone RID

Hi, can anybody tell me if the Holy Stone RID works with the mini 2?

Thank you!

The Holy Stone RID module is compatible with any drone. The only thing you’d need to confirm is whether or not the props/sensors will clear the module at the desired mounting location. The module is 1.54" x 1.18" x 0.51".

Are you sure you need RID for your Mini 2?

In the US, you only need to broadcast RID data if flying a drone over 249 grams or if you’re flying commercially under Part 107. As long as you haven’t attached any accessories to your Mini 2, it should not be over 249 grams.

I have Holy Stone RID on my Mini 2 and it works great. yes, I have to use one because I am flying under Part 107.


Do you have pictures where/how you mounted to your mini 2? I’m probably getting the module for my mini 2

Haven't tried this myself, but here's a mount that might work for you: