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Hi greetings from Cork/Dublin Ireland, Planet Earth


Hi all I have a DJI Phantom 3 SE and using a brand new Samsung Galaxy S8 with no problems and a Samsung Tab 4 8" KitKat with an earlier firmware APK 5.1.11 on it as the latest firmware has serious lag/delay issues. Will help with advice if needed and if I have the knowledge.


Welcome, you’ll enjoy this forum. Steadier pace with no forum politics … such a pleasure to browse. I’m in NI so you’re not far away. :+1:


Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:


Welcome my friend, you will enjoy it here there are always people willing to give advice no matter how stupid you think the question is


Greetings from Ireland here also.


try samsung galaxy tab S2 8inch. its great and no problem at all


I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1". Followed advice on a thread in here and removed everything from the tablet not required for the drone and it works fine.


Papa.titi are you Filipino by any chance?


No, not Filipino,


Sorry about that SKWC08 the question was aimed at PAPA-titi.:rofl:


No worries
Would be proud to be from the Philipines!