Hi from New York

Good morning and Happy New Year to everyone!
I have a quick question about range extenders. I need one for my phantom 4 pro. I picked one up from a survey supply company with the understanding that it was supported by the phantom 4 pro. They sent me a 4hawks raptor SR (A106S). I did some research before installing it and found out that the Phantom 4 Pro is supported by the A103S and the Inspire 2 is supported by the A106S.
Any help would be appreciated.

According to what 4Hawks posted here, it’s not compatible with the Phantom 4 Pro. 4Hawks should be able to assist if you want to confirm.

Thanks for getting back to me about the range extender and the link to the page. I wrote the same question to them using their support email. I’ll be sending this one back for the correct one.