Help With Precision Landing

Can someone please give me the exact steps for precision landing. From take-off to landing. I was not able to get mine to activate precision landing. I’m sure it’s just something I’m not doing right.

Here are the steps from the Mavic 2 manual:

You need to be running firmware on your Mavic since that’s the first version of the firmware that includes the Precision Landing feature. And make sure you’re running the current version of DJI GO 4.

Here’s a video showing an example of how Precision Landing should work:

Just to make certain the i’s are dotted & the t’s are crossed you do have the latest firmware installed? V4. 3.4 or later
That is where the “precision” comes from

Thanks guys, I was not flying up to 10 meters before take-off. That’s where I was messing up.

I’m not convinced that the altitude is that critical. If I manually takeoff to about 10 feet and sit there for a few seconds, it seems to work.

Thanks, I will try again once the snow is gone.

Where I went wrong I did not hover. To excited to go flying. LOL

A thought, use auto takeoff.
All in one motion then hit the friendly skies

For anyone who needs more help with Precision Landing, I put together this how-to with more details: