Help with Mini 2 Crash

So on thanksgiving, my DJI Mini 2 literally just fell out of the sky and crashed mid flight. The flight was wonky the whole time as the unit was unresponsive several times and popped up some concerning messages. When I tried to fly it home, it fell about 150 and broke.

DJI has sent me a repair bill and won’t replace it under the unit’s warranty. I haven’t received their reasoning yet, but can anyone take a look and tell me if I did anything to cause this crash? This is my third DJI drone and I’ve never had one crash before

Hi Oliver,

Had a look at your log.

Just before it ‘air-crashed’ you stopped the forward input on the RC ? Why ? Did you saw an obstacle * or bird or ? * not likely at 150 feet flying, nd you just passed that line of trees.

Shortly after that, see my chart, the pitch and roll angles of your M2 goes wild.
Guess it hit something, but what? Or a motor was really blocked due to some motor rotation fail itself (wich afaik doesn`t happen really…)

BTW your did start this flight (in OPTI mode) with zero satellites, only after 38 seconds HP was set.

Many times “Weak signal” and “Weak image transmission signal. Adjust antennas” message.
Remote controller signal weak as well, must be the reason the unresponsive and wonky experience.


Thanks for checking it out! I had just passed over a pond, and thought I saw something interesting to check out. It seems that immediately after I stopped, that’s when I got the motor blocked issue.

There are trees there, but definitely not 150ft tall and I do believe I had already cleared the trees.

I guess it will remain a mystery and and I’ll just pay for a new one under the replacement plan.

Here is DJI’s specific reply.

Incident Date: 11-25-2020

  1.  The aircraft worked under GPS mode, and responded to the pilot’s command well;
  2.  user flew the drone forward untill it crashed
  3.  Flight Time T=1371 s, Relative Height H=0.5 m, unit recorded external impact.
  4.  The incident coordinate: 30.3494717,-81.5497906

According to the analysis, the incident was not caused by any product malfunction.

We can still proceed with the repair, however, you will cover the repair charges.


My advice is to ask for re-analyze of your data.

See my chart, so clear that in flight at 150 feet at time 4m33.7s your motor was blocked.

1371seconds?? Total flight time in seconds 281 seconds.

Position : 30.35008300 / -81.54913800