Help with Air2s Flight Logs required

Launched my Air2s today to RECORD a construction site at the bottom of our street. I had set 5 SECOND STAY ACTIONS at each of the 4 corners of the construction sites. First attempt the drone stayed at one corner of the construction site and would not progress to the next way point so I had to abort and RTH, Created a new flight plan without any Actions and it completed but not without problems as can be seen in the Flight Logs. However I’d need some help in deciphering the flight logs to try and establish what went wrong. I notice little RC Icons in the map view so maybe it lost connection?

Drone Model : DJI Air 2S
Mobile : Samsung Galaxy S20 5G
Android Version : 13
Litchi Version : v4.26.2-g
DJI Firmware :
DJI Fly : v1.9.4(1260-offical)

Failed/Aborted Flight

New Flight with issues

There was an IMU error in both flights. You may need to retrieve the .DAT file for more detail. @BudWalker can explain that much better than I can.



Where did you obtain the .txt? The only “log” I can see is the .csv downloaded from the Phantom Help viewer.

They’re Litchi Log flies which are in CSV format uploaded to the Phantom zone.

Yes, but the graphs shown by @Fly_Dawg were created from a .txt log file.

OK, I get it now. The Litchi .txt was submitted to PhantomHelp which then created a .csv that was available via the Download CSV button
I had used the Download Flight Log button which yielded the .csv created by Litchi

The IMUCalcs stuff is computed by CsvView; i.e. not recorded in the log file. IMUCalcs:positionError:C is an arbitrary threshold and set to true if the distance between that reported in the log file and that computed by CsvView is greater than 6 meters. Looking at the path reported in the log file (red) and the path derived from IMU data (green) it can be seen that the agreement is pretty good.

Bottom line is there is no indication of an IMU error.

I’m not sure if the Litchi app creates a .DAT. If @JerBear can find one it may provide some insights.

Good point. As I recall, Litchi does not create a .DAT.