Help with Air 3

Having issues trying to renew faa license. Can some one tell me on a AIR 3 what the app version
IS and the aircraft is now. Seems it don’t I have rid installed . Can’t renew
License. :thinking: Also can’t seem to tell me if I’m uptodate. Shows-01.00.0400 for craft.
App 1.11.1

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Hey D’

Sorry to hear that the Air 3 is acting up, as you know I fly the Mini 2 and do not have any immediate associates with that model, but here is DJI’s Link if it helps… I will also ask around…

LT Signing Off…

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Follow up, DJI has released the DJI Fly App Version 1.12.0 for the Air 3 (as well as other DJI Drones) both iOS and the Android versions have the same version number. Other folks, on “other sites” have also had update problems and the suggestions are varied…

The link to that update is above …

Turn both the controller an drone on, do a manual update.

Turn both off and try again…

there is also talk that it has not been “publicly released…”

That’s all for now…

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All I get is a server error try again later. The fly safe when I update it says I’m up to date.
My app version is 1.11.1. Tried what you said but same server error. :thinking:
Maybe me try and call DJI. It flys great just can’t seem to update.
Aircraft is on 01.00.0400
Rc firmware is 01.00.0700.

Are you saying that the link I attached to DJI above gave you a server error? I always check any links I included in a topic and I tested this one and it worked and I scrolled down to the Fly App section and this is what it shows…

Is this same type of errors you get when you try to log onto other sites like MavicPilots? Perhaps you or your Internet Provider (IP) is doing and maybe you need to call them…

Good Luck!

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What happened was I had the wrong assistant. Had been trying over Wi-Fi but did get right assistant through your link and it worked on Rc but still wouldn’t do aircraft through Wi-Fi. Hooked it up to new assistant and is updating now. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks had just not been keeping up since I was booted off DronePilots and not keeping up. Now I seem after messing in this iMac I’ve got it going.
Right now. Thanks for the help. Seems to have and do it or here anyway on the computer
Do thank C for the Christmas bonus that enabled me to buy this big iMac :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
2000.00 bucks that year got it for me.
Thanks again Buddy :+1::+1:

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Now I’m on1.20.0 app.0600 aircraft and Rc 02.00.0000.

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By FAA license do you mean drone registration? (Not your 107…?)

Not 107 just drone registration. Got 60 days till it runs out so I’ll keep trying.
Says I don’t have a inventory :thinking:

I also have a bit of a dilemma, I am 107 licensed and to fly in my home area, even recreationally, I need a FAA Authorization and some of these areas are only accessible due to me having an 107 license.

I have a mini 2 and if flown recreationally, no RID is required, if flown under the 107 license, a RID module is required…

While there is still a “grace period” I wrote to the FAA and told them I do not have a RID Module yet for my drone and asked them if I can fly my drone recreationally in the areas that I have gotten an authorization under the Part 107… I gave as an example: a truck driver of an 18-wheeler requires a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) but that license is valid for operating an standard size automobile…

They wrote back and the letter implies that the Grace Period is only valid for those who are still waiting for the delivery of their preordered RID modules or awaiting the upgrade to the drone’s firmware.

They wrote that I should de-register my Mini 2 from my Part 107 registration.

They never responded if I could fly recreationally in the areas that I have been granted an authorization under the Part 107.

So I am submitting recreationally flying requests in those areas previously authorized under the part 107, especially the Zero Altitude Quadrants… I do not know if I’ll get authorizations in these “Drone Taxi Zones…”

Well I’ve no clue what to tell you but will say this. I’ve tryed 2 hours to renew and not having any
Luck so as far as I’m concerned if no luck tomorrow I’m not messing with them no more :wink:
I’ve tryed and tryed and had my card for 5 years almost. Not spending no more time trying to renew. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I don’t think they have the Air 3 listed as having rid installed.

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Your Air 3 is a RID Compliant Drone… :smiley:

I do not know if it is transmitting the RID, but the drone is capable… :question:

As for the FAA Registration, I do not think that you can edit your registered drone and change the RID Status, I think you have re-register it as a NEW Device as if you just bought it today… I think this link might explain it better… I know that when I do buy a RID Module, I will have to register it as if it is another drone… Weird huh? :roll_eyes:

Good Luck! :+1:

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Are you asking for longer term “authorizations” like a COA, or are you just using LAANC requests?

In all of the Controlled Class D Airspace areas that I have a Part 107 Authorization to fly are valid for months, some up to a year… In fact, every authorization that I make, I make it for a year and none have ever been denied. As you can see, I have very few areas that do not require a FAA Authorization or LAANC approval…

At this moment, I fly a mini 2, it was registered under my recreational flyer account prior to me getting my part 107 and that registration remains valid (although not a necessity…).

When I acquired my Part 107, I registered the Mini 2 under the part 107 Account. So it is dual registered…

I do not have a RID Module yet, nor have I ordered one and I do not know if I will order one for some time as I am not actually flying in any commercial ventures, only for fun for now…

What I asked the FAA was can I fly in those areas still if it’s only for recreational purposes. You see, if I were flying commercially (as in a job) I would require a RID Module and I expected an answer like:

Yes it’s OK as long as you follow all previously approved flight restrictions…


No, those authorizations are only granted because you need access due to a job requirement and flying in those locations recreationally is not permitted…

But they did not respond to the question… (I do not think so…) This is their response…

"Since you registered your sub-250 gram drone for other than exclusively recreational purposes, but you now intend on using it for exclusively recreational purposes, we would recommend simply cancelling the drone registration on your Part 107 Dashboard (click the three vertical dots next to the registration information on the Inventory page). "

“Remote ID is required for unmanned aircraft that are either registered, or required to be registered. Your sub-250 gram would not be registered if you cancelled it, and it is not required to be registered IF it is used for exclusively recreational purposes, and thus would not require Remote ID in that specific scenario.”

And you can see, it’s a bit of a wishy-washy" answer, but in the last part of the last sentence of the second paragraph, “would not require Remote ID in that specific scenario” kind of implies that I can still fly in those areas originally approved under my part 107 request…

I hope all this makes sense… I will buy a RID Module when the price comes down some more, but as long as the suppliers cannot meet the demand, the price will remain high…

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Sounds to me like they gave the boilerplate answer, but they didn’t answer the question. They said it’s not required to be registered if flown recreationally because it’s sub 250 grams, but they didn’t address the question of flying recreationally where it’s not normally permitted. To be on the safe side, I think you shouldn’t fly it at home unless you get a more specific answer. You don’t want to risk your 107 for a joyride.

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What is the app called that i can load that tells me if there are other drones fllying near me or have they came out with it yet ?

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Possibly Drone Scanner by Drone Tag.