Help to find a lost Drone

Should you loose your drone here is GO4’s help to find it.
How to use GO4 to help find your drone.

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There are much better ways to do that. But welcome to the help forum.

Please explain"Much better ways". Thanks Chuck.

Simple answer. Read the flight logs. You can determine Long/Lat from there, plus many other things.
The only exception is with signal loss. Then neither method will be accurate.

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Looking through you flight logs is a bit hard to do when you are in the field looking for your drone. As shown in the video it only takes 3 clicks to get the exact GPS position on the screen. Then you can transfer to your map app and create a trail to the drone’s last position. Can’t get much easier then that.


With the exception that I mentioned above. Generally speaking in most “lost” aircraft scenarios, there is signal loss involved. When that is the case, neither of the two will give you the aircraft’s location. ONLY, the last transmitted location. From the logs you can do the math and usually locate it.