HELP - Sync Flight Records without using DJI servers

I have controlled my Mavic Air with 3 different mobile devices - iPhone 6, iPad Mini 2, and iPad - with flight records scattered across the three.

How can I bring them all together to the new iPad, WITHOUT syncing to the DJI servers? I have backups of all 3 devices on my laptop, done with iMazing, so I can move files, but need to know what files go where.

I obviously want to have the summary page to have all my flights in one place.

Gather all of the TXT flight log files from all of your mobile devices and copy them all to each mobile device. See this page if you need help finding the location of those TXT files.

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Thanks for your help!

I use dronelogbook for free but there’s a few others out there. You can upload your flights no matter what device you’re using and all your flight details are stored online. Hope that helps.