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Help me with a crash please!!!

One of my pilots experienced a crash. The flight log is below. The only warning was speed error. He states he was flying and without warning the drone started to spin wildly, as you can see on the log. Anyone have any ideas what the heck happened???

My suspicion would be one of two things. It doesn’t look like a lost prop, so I would say an ESC failure, or Motor. It’s hard to say without the .DAT file. If you can locate the device .dat and supply that via a share link, we can give you more info. If that doesn’t prove to be enough we would need the aircraft .dat, assuming this is an MP1.

It looks like he lost a prop mid-flight. How many props were attached to the Mavic when he found it?

Not from what I am seeing. The spin is far too linear and the attitude angles co-incide with that. It does not have the typical “lost prop” signature.

He said he did only recover 3 props which would indicate a prop loss. Plus the yaw started after he started to climb for a better view, so the added stress of climbing makes sense that this is when a prop has the most stress on it. Thoughts???

As stated previously, this does not have the “typical” signs of a lost prop. Generally speaking a lost prop will cause an exctreme pitch or yaw angle upon loss. This one does not exhibit that effect. The pitch oscillations began ~5 seconds before the spin began, which would lead me to believe a motor or an ESC issue was the culprit. Granted prop loss is possible and with the device .dat ( That was requested previously ) would provide more detail. Specifically motor speeds. The notEnoughforce flag went true right at the spin point, which could suggest either or, prop loss included. As I said this is just not a typical response in the data that I have seen with a lost prop. See the link below to locate the device .dat, if you would like this looked at in more detail.

Retrieve Device Dat

I have the DAT file but the forum says I cant upload it because I’m a new user??? HELP!!

You will need to upload that to a sharable site such as Dropbox, Goggle Drive…etc…and share that link back here,

HOPEFULLY this is what you need… Thanks for the help!!

As mentioned previously, this does not look like a lost prop. That being said, to me it looks like an issue with the ESC and/or the front left motor. I appologize for the “buisiness” of the graph, but you can see the issue began just before the first yaw around prior to the spin, which was ~14 seconds before the spins and descent began. Notice how the AVG Current climbed ( Black Line ) and the actual current (
Dark Purple Line) and got worse as the spin started. This to me indicates either the ESC and/or the motor. I can’t say which. But I will have @sar104 take a look when he has the chance to confirm one, the other or possibly both. I will ask you however which prop was missing when you retrieved the aircraft? Was it the left rear?

Just to throw this out there. Is it possible that “the pilot” hit the roof of the home he was overflying? The altitude was only around 50ft or so at that point. I say that because that is where the gyro data went off the deep end and the spin began shortly after. That would explain a lot if that were the case. It looks like he “might” have. If you scroll through the flight on the Phnatom help site, the data corresponds.

A 50 foot one story house? That doesn’t seem very likely.

Said he didn’t hit the roof. He was climbing to get a higher angle shot.

I agree. I know my own single story at the gable peak is 38ft. That said the location of where the incident began appears to be at the side ( from GE ). Was just throwing that out as a possibility.