Help drone flew off

I am new to drones and recently purchased the mini 2 which I have only flown 3 or 4 times but I love it.
Yesterday I was at a beach and although quite windy I was OK to fly.
I wanted to get some aerial shots of my dogs walking by the sea.
I did the usual take off and the drone rose to its metre or so but before I did anything else it started to fly at that height away to my right!!
Panic set in but nothing i did stopped it…I tried the pause,RTH,reverse etc but it just kept going heading towards cliff walls about 200 Mts away.
I lost site of it but my daughter ran about 100 Mt’s after it and shouted its here…I caught her up and the drone was just hovering at the same height.
I could then land it safely but I was so lucky I didn’t smash it or lose it.
Has anyone any ideas why it flew off without me doing anything?
My theory is I didn’t give it time to update the homepoint and for some reason it was trying to get back to the last updated point but if so why did its altitude not alter?
Battery was full.
I’m totally baffled and a bit scared to fly it as I was lucky the beach was quiet and it didn’t hit anyone.
Any help is greatfully received.

Upload your flight log to the link below and you may be able to see what the issue was. If you wish assistance, post a link back here to your uploaded log file. Instructions are on the link.

Hi Fly_Dawg and many thanks for reply.
To get at my flight log can I use dji fly app or is there another app I need to use I.e go 4?
Thank you

Follow the instructions on the link posted above.

Hope this sheds some light if you can help please but not sure if the flight was long enough to get enough data.

Thanks again

Was this immediately after takeoff? Or approximately how long after.
First, you took off before the Home Point was ever set. Second, at approx. 11 seconds after takeoff, you lost signal for 17 seconds of thereabouts. The Home point was set at approx. 40 seconds. IF this “drift” to the right occurred during that 40 second period after takeoff, that is easily explainable. The aircraft was in “ATTI” mode and will not hover without GPS lock. It will drift with the wind, unless you manually correct with stick inputs, which according to the data there were none. Airdata suggests that the wind was blowing in the direction of drift.

There was only 1 home point update at 40 seconds. Notice the time of RTH cancels. One at 46 seconds and one at 51 seconds. You must have attempted to initiate these while in ATTI mode. RTH will not work while in ATTI.

So much thanks for this it has shed some light.
The shift to the right did occur as soon as it had reached its 1.2mt take off height.
As soon as it started to fly I tried the sticks to pull it back but nothing I did seemed to make any difference ,I then went in to panic mode I think and pressed everything so I think I even switched the controller off.
Can I ask what is ‘ATTI’ mode and what does it do and is there a way I can avoid this happening again,I.e do I wait while home point is confirmed ?
Thanks Fly_Dawg

In basic terms “ATTI” mode is No GPS positioning. The aircraft will maintain altitude but it has no idea where it is. Unless you manually control the aircraft, it will simply drift with the wind. Bottom line here, its never a good idea to take off before the home point has been set. That way you know where your RTH will be, and you also know you have GPS Lock. Which in your case you did not have.

From the Mini 2 manual ( And most other DJI Aircraft manuals as well )

Many many 5hanks for all your help on this.
I will ensure all is set in future if I ever dare take off again.

Interesting log.

In ATTI mode and RC disconnected Autolanding was initiated. Nice to see that.
Twice the RTH button press on the RC, but because drone was close to HP (10 sats+good health) it was a “TooCloseHomeToRTH [ 0.0m ]”…drone that time not in ATTI mode.
Autolanding did wait for acknowledge to safely land, autolanding was CX so hovering all the time at low altitiude.