Help - Crashed PH4 now controller won't fly it

Hi there, new to this… I’ve been flying Phantoms since they first came out, with occasional crashes.

Today I really hit hard, ejected the battery. When I went to restart, here’s what worked:

  • I get an image transmitting to my controller
  • I can move the gimbal up and down, and it does respond to left and right nudges.
  • I can see some data on the DJI 4 App.
  • I get an accurate position on the GPS Map image.

Here’s what doesn’t work:

  • I get a Red Aircraft Disconnected in the upper left hand corner
  • In overall status I get “Gimbal cannot receive Main Controller data” and Gimbal and main controller disconnected. Contact DJI Support if it persists after restart" (It persists)
  • I get constantly flashing yellow LED’s on the two rear lights of the drone
  • I try to Start the drone and nothing happens.
  • Trying to use the DJI Assistant 2 to update firmware fails. When I try to restore factory defaults I get “Factory Reset Failed”
  • I successfully relinked the Controller to the drone with the App and reset button on the Ph4.

Is this the Gimbal ribbon? or would the working transmission of the image rule that out?
Is this something I can fix?

Any help would be appreciated

A loose/damaged gimbal cable are what most people seem to be discussing in these search results:

A few mention a gimbal calibration resolved the issue. However, since your Phantom took a hard hit, I think it would be more likely that you're facing some type of hardware issue.

If you aren’t experienced in repairing Phantoms, then you might go through some trial and error to figure out which parts need to be fixed. Assuming you can find all needed spare parts though, you likely could repair it. And if tinkering is not your thing, letting an experienced repair shop (or DJI) do the work would be a better plan of action.

Thank you for taking the time to reply. I was wondering if maybe it hit so hard that one of the little connectors from the gimbal ribbon popped off. It just seemed strange that there’s an image transmitting and movement works but the motors won’t rev.

Does anyone know the connection between the gimbal and the motors? I don’t mind tinkering but I would like to start in the right place.

Again. Thank you for writing.

In your case, it seems the connection is the “Gimbal cannot receive Main Controller data” error message. That is known to prevent the motors from starting.