Hello guys

I owned a pre-owned mini2 for the last 3 months. Mini2 working very nicely, But suddenly it has a problem. The drone is disconnected from the connector, Why it’s happening? Please give me suggestions.

Welcome from the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, USA. I too am a Mini 2 Flyer and I know the excitement of flight.

The “connector” what are you referring to, the Controller or maybe the USB-C Connector used to charge the battery? I cannot help you unless you can tell us what you actually mean.

It’s like you saying, “My drone is broke, how do I fix it?”

Below is the link to all of the downloads offered by DJI for the Mini 2. You will also find the 75-page Mini 2 User’s Manual, in case your Mini did not come with one. The User Manuals are published in different languages.

Perhaps you will find out what you did or did not do to cause this.

Good Luck…


Hi Faulkner.
A warm welcome to the DJI community!
Fantastic choice of drone - the impression that I get is that the Mini 2 is favoured both by novice and experienced flyers alike - I certainly have hours of fun flying mine and I intend to buy another few batteries so that I can fly for even longer!
Whilst I don’t exactly know what is happening, it could be that the cable from the tablet/phone you are using is worn because it has been connected/disconnected a great deal over the past couple of years? It could well be that the cable itself is a bit cheap (you get what you pay for)?
It may be the area you fly from has a lot of trees close by and whilst you take off quite happily, the signal between the drone and controller is sapped by surrounding woodland or even suffers when you have flown around for a little while. It could also be interference from local buildings, but whatever is causing this…DON’T PANIC (easier said than done, I know)!
Your little drone do its best to return home if it loses signal because it will make its way to the Return To Home (RTH) point if it doesn’t ‘hear’ from you for a little while (I can’t recall exactly how long)? Just remember to have your RTH set so that the Mini 2 can comfortably clear the highest building/tree nearby, because if not, the drone could crash into it! The RTH is the height the drone will rise to before it begins its journey back to you if it loses signal. You can either set the RTH height manually or let the drone hover for a few seconds until the robot voice tells you; “Home-point has been updated, please check it on the map”!
In all probability, it’s probably something quite straightforward and may not actually be a fault with the drone - tbh, it’s highly unlikely that it is, but you can never say never.
Oh yes, I almost forgot - give your drone a name! My drone’s named ‘Dennis’ - it makes flying a little more enjoyable - I don’t know why? Tee hee!
Anyway, start with the basics and take it from there - this forum is always here for advice, too.
Happy flying!

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