Hello from Staffordshire (UK)!

Completely new to the drone scene, but I hope to be flying my Mini 2 as soon as the weather improves. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
I think I’ve watched too many YouTube vids though, because although I fully understand the CAA rules, there are a plethora of ‘worst case scenario’ vids on there by self appointed ‘experts’; so I figure that by sticking to the rules, I’m just going to practise my flying to just early in the morning (when there is a lot less chance of being bothered). I’d be interested to know what you guys think of this; like I say, any advice would be greatly appreciated?
Thank you!

I would go on line and try to find a group or club who fly drones.

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The youtube videos are good. You can get lost though as there are so many videos. At the end of the day experience will help you to understand some of the videos. Just please always follow the rules. So start flying slowly and carefully and as you gain more experience you will get better at it and better understand what the youtubers mean in some cases. I also belong to MavicPilots.com and find it extremely helpful. It’s a forum where people post their questions and experiences. I hope that help. Happy flying!

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Thank you, Alvarez 594! Great idea!