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Hello from NoVa.

Good morning everyone,

Just wanted to say hello from NoVa (Northern Virginia). I’m the owner of a brand new Mavic Air as of last Sunday. I have not taken her on flight yet as I’m making sure I have all my ducks in a row for safety and knowledge before launching into the heavens (or as close as 400’ takes me). Looking forward to reading through posts and sharing my upcoming adventures and trips with everyone.



Hi Greg - welcome to the Forum! There are many professional, knowledgeable and experienced people here, and I learn something almost every day. I lived in Manassas for a number of years, then moved to the suncoast of Florida (the Gulf side :wink: about 20 yrs ago. Practice your flying in a large open area around home first and make sure you’re confident in which “stick” does what in all 4 directions before pushing the left one up to go into the wild blue yonder.

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Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Welcome and enjoy :+1:

Biggest tip, after flying mine a year and getting confident on its last flight: always sync your GPS before you fly. Don’t trust ATTI mode with the cameras.

Mine ATTI self launched, got in the air, then started receiving GPS data which incorrectly told the flight computer it was -10 altitude and proceeded to self land. In water. Logs proved it was not pilot error, but this could have been avoided if I waited a few seconds for a GPS lock - vs trusting ATTI.

Oh, and the collision avoidance does not work with the drone in follow me mode. Maybe this is a lack of memory or perhaps planned obsolescence like a light bulb burning out… :rofl: