Has DJI Ditched Support for P4P and Go 4?

The DJI Go 4 app has not been updated since Android 12…IS it ever going to be updated?

I side loaded it and it flies but forward speed is cut to almost not moving at all maybe 2 MPH!

What is the problem with DJI???

I’m not aware of any upcoming releases. If you’re waiting for DJI to fix known bugs, then maybe follow up with DJI support for an update on their progress.

Since the drone is flown with the remote controller, this doesn’t sound like an issue that could be caused by DJI GO. Take a look at the flight log. Perhaps something in there will explain what happened.

Thanks for the advise…I just can’t believe DJI is not supporting/updating their app…pretty sad!

Well it appears that my phone would open/crash the app unless I installed it with the following directions from DJI. BY the way Kudos to DJI, I got replies within a day!!! Impressive.

Anyway I had to follow these instructions to install the app and get her running.
I have a solution for you to have a try, please follow the instructions below step by step:

  1. Uninstall the DJI app on your phone and delete the APK file on your phone. Note: If there are any contents in the app please back up first before uninstalling.
  2. Download other browsers on your phone.
  3. Using other browsers to open our download link: DJI GO 4 - Download Center - DJI
  4. Locate the setting on your phone ‘Allow app installation from unknown sources’ after locating it. Enable the setting. If you are not sure where to find the setting, kindly look up online with your phone model i.e Samsung S21 for help.
  5. Once downloaded, the setting has been enabled. Turn on airplane mode (no internet access or Bluetooth access) try installing the app. -If it shows, ‘Can’t open file’ it means the file is damaged. Please delete the file and download it again.
  6. If app installation completes, initiate the app without internet access. After app permission has been given exit the app. Relaunch the app with the internet.