Hardware Collapsability Cycling

Is is ok each morn daily flying to uncollapse hardware each time or better leave all hardware uncollapsed?
I find it repetitive and wonder whether i am ruining what durability was intended on collapsibility.
I note my usbC s8 receptacle is looser than before flying air, so is the rc microusb receptacle, so is galling threading joystick dissimilar metallurgy, and etc. I unfold refold antennae, for what? Brain fit?
Designers gave the air to us this way, collapsibility. If they did not? Consider never detaching s8 from the rc, the receptacle remains very tight and snug like factory new?
Consider never collapsing prop arms?
But gimbal cover, consider retractable analogous landing gear door closed opened for aero non-aero criterion.

The rc also replcative dance!
Such wasted collapsibilty enthuse!
Smarter is rid collapse mindset and get going dgigo4 GOFLY!