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Greetings from Central Canada


Hi, my name is Robin, well known on many forums as Northwood (Northwood Mediaworks, I host a forum for musicians there, I am also a composer and producer) and I am quite new to the world of drone piloting. I have been studying drones in general for a year or two, but only started to fly briefly in February 2018, and after three flights, the fourth was a fly away… my mistake totally. That was with an inexpensive Visuio HS809HW. It was not recovered for 3 months, ironically the day after I received my DJI Spark for my 60th birthday! Go figure!

So far have 22 flights under my belt. I have been learning and flying as much as time permits, and have tried to be a proponent of safety. I can see how those who are irresponsible in this hobby are going to quickly ruin it for those who respect the rules… which is very sad. So whilst I dont want to be perceived as a preacher, it might sound that way to some!:grin:

I am into multi-media so flying cameras are a natural progression for me. Have my sights on a Mavic Pro if $$ permit in a year or so.

Looking forward to reading and gaining further smarts here. Happy to help when I can also.

Best regards



Thanks for joining! We’re happy to have you here :slight_smile:


Aloha Robin… I think you could be a tremendous asset to the drone community by composing pieces that have interesting beats… and or offering to score some drone footage… would love to collaborate with you on some project to demonstrate this…

And like Mike said… welcome…


Thanks, the idea has crossed my mind, I have precious little time these days, but would be interested in some sort of collab down the road. Thanks also for the welcome :grinning: