Green outwards spray craft icon

What does green spray shooting out of craft point mean?

Can you post a screenshot so we can see what you’re referring to?

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Screenshot apk flight log

@cutis If this is what you are referring to. The green “H” is the recorded home point.

I think he’s referring to this:

@msinger Probably right. The other is way to obvious, I thought. :+1:

72705 screenshot

@cutis You are being very vague in your description…What are you asking? The Green Circle? The Green Cone? Or the message on the screen? A few more words would help…A LOT!

Confusion exists believing green wedged sprayout forward acknowledges active fwd sensory, when the downward and reversal sensory dont mimic green wedged outward spraying

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I posted explain with brand new screenshot. I say confusion, if green sprayout fwd represents sensory engaged good, the confuse why not reveal all three (fwd, aft, dwn)?

These are for reference only and do not indicate active or inactive as far as I know, and as for the other sensors this is not a 3 dimensional display, again, it is for reference. There would be no point for the other sensors, you will get messages as you did in the screen shot.

Okay, got it, that green is there as part of the red craft icon, never revealing actuality of engaged or not