Goggle questions.

Why such a price variations in the different smartphone goggles? Can any VR goggles be used for flying drones or just a certain type? Can I use the DJI GO4 app with smartphone goggles or is there a certain app that must be used? Sorry for all the questions, but I am clueless on goggles, firmware, software, apps and just about anything computer related.

Which drone are you flying?

Dji mmp

Dji mpp…sorry

The best option for the MPP (or Mavic Pro and Mavic 2) is the DJI Goggles (also available here on Amazon). They can connect to the drone wirelessly and have the best available view. The downside is they are large and not easy to transport if you need to pack light. If you decide to buy them and want to save ~$70, you can buy refurbished DJI Goggles from the DJI Store here.

Other available options include the Epson Moverio BT-300 glasses (which connect to the remote controller) and the other goggles/glasses listed here. If you go with something other than the BT-300 glasses, you’ll need to fly with a mobile device that contains an HDMI output (like the Nvidia Shield K1) so the goggles/glasses can be connected via an HDMI cable. When connected via an HDMI cable, you’ll see whatever is shown on your mobile device screen.

While you could use VR goggles too, the view won’t be as nice/immersive and you won’t be able to use your phone at the same time since it needs to slide into the VR goggles to display the picture.

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Thanks for the info. They all look real nice, but expensive. I was trying to go a cheaper route, like in the $20 to $100 range, preferably towards the $20 end.

I tried some inexpensive VR goggles and wasn’t really impressed. Then again, I was comparing them to all of the other FPV goggles/glasses I own.

If you decide to go with VR goggles, you’re also going to need a 3rd party app that has a VR mode (like Litchi).

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Ok, thanksđź‘Ť