Go Fly app and tablets

I couldn’t post in the tablet section since it’s mainly the Go app.
I need the Nvidea Shield K1 for the hdmi output to use my goggles and DJI says I need 6.0 or higher for android
nvidea is only 5.0 but can be upgraded to 7.0 nougat
Is the Go Fly app as sensitive to phones and tablets like the Go app was?

The problem is the K1 Shield. At one time, it was the most favored tablet for DJI GO, Litchi, ect. However, NVIDIA, for some strange reason, dropped support for the K1and never upgraded it to meet the changing specs of drone control apps.

The shield worked fine with my mavic pro and the go app.
I’m hearing the shield won’t work with the go fly app.
That’s a real bummer since the shield is small and has the hdmi output that i need and they’re cheap now.

I suggest you look over the recommended (and DJI approved) tablets at DJI Phantom Accessories & Tips | Phantom Help.
USB-C to HDMI converters are available on Amazon.

I tried this USB-C to hdmi and it didn’t work

I ended up trying a Dragon Touch K10 tablet. Only 2gb ram
The Fly app didn’t work
The Litchi app does work and goggles are working too
Not sure why dji fly app needs such a powerful phone or tablet
Now to learn about Litchi lol