Gimbal Yaw Arm Fails to setup post-crash repair

Hi folks, noob here both to the forum and flying drones.

I stuck my drone in a tree and eventually it fell, causing what I hoped was mainly superficial damage. So I replaced the various bits and pieces I was capable of (lower shell, both landing gear, yaw arm) and all looked ok until I finally powered it back up.

I’m not very knowledgeable in terms of electronics and testing so I’m now a bit stumped…

I uploaded a video of what’s (not) happening but essentially, on start up, the camera gimbal doesn’t go through the full flip-flopping alignment. It’s stuck in one position and after only a few seconds, the cover on the back of the ESC module on the Yaw arm is extremely hot to touch (I mean burning hot)

Does anyone have any suggestions at all?

​Video of Problem -

Did you try replacing the gimbal ESC? It looks like that might be the cause.

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Thanks for your advice, I’ll give that a try. Cheers!

Sound good. Let us know how things go.