Gimbal wired problem. Locking upwards.

All done on a flat surface.
So right after I power on the drone gimbal would do the regular check, but instead going horizontal in the end it would go tilted upwards. If I try to bring it down from the controller nothing happens. If I touch it super light with finger it goes slightly down and then I have regained control of it with the controller and everything looks normal.
Sometimes it doesn’t perform the check (if last time it locked upwards I restarted the drone. So then again I touch it gently It goes down performs the check and ends up horizontal ready for flight. I don’t have problem fixing the gimbal this way every time I fly. I have problem if something is broken and I’m making it more broken this way.
I have performed gimbal calibration (setting drone in different positions on a flat surface)It doesn’t look like anything changed. Here is where I touch it with less then 50gram force probably.1596175966042411939833686716059|375x500