Gimbal problems, pitch motor not functioning

After carrying out extensive cleaning of the internal electronics following an accident fall into water I’m left with my P4P having no gimbal pitch control. All the diagnostic messages on the RC indicate that the Gimbal status in normal. The only error that is displayed is the left vision sensor not working. I believe the pitch and yaw motors are working because there is movement upon power up but the yaw motor doesn’t feel very powerful. However, t does twist the camera to a centre position. The drone flies and is responsive to all functions except the camera has no stability or pitch movement. I’m wondering if it’s just the pitch motor or maybe the ESC unit. I’ve tried all the usual firmware upgrade and downgrade tricks and sensor calibrations but none of these fix the problem. DJI repair centres refuse to take the unit in for repair as it’s been in the water. Can anyone give me a suggestion of what to check or do next as at the moment it’s no use for video or photography, thanks.

Did you try contacting a non-DJI repair center for help? If not, you can find some repair shops here.