Gimbal Interior cable dji mini 3 pro

The drone crashed into the pole and the roll arm lower bracket left arm was chipped I fixed it up with superglue and cotton, however the gimbal won’t move, there is live camera transmission, upon start up the camera moves but not the gimble, I think the roll axis motor cable is chipped( image attached below),

So should I just order the roll axis motor and replace it ?

Is the gimbal easily movable by hand when the drone is powered off?

If so, replacing the motor and/or the cable is what I’d attempt first. Getting to those parts is going to take quite a bit of work and finesse though. Check out this video for a sample gimbal repair.

If that’s not something you’re interested in attempting, then here are some other options:

  • Buy a fully assembled gimbal/camera. The downside is you’d still need to disassemble everything (as shown in the video above) and the price of a new gimbal/camera is nearly the price of a new Mini 3 Pro without the remote controller.

  • Send your drone to DJI for repair. They might swap it out with a replacement drone instead of actually repairing your drone and sending it back (FYI).

  • Buy a new Mini 3 Pro without the remote controller and sell yours for parts to recoup some of that cost.

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Yes the gimbal can be moved by hand on all the axis, utmost care was taken with the superglue, Thank you, is it possible to buy only the roll axis motor ?

DJI doesn’t sell replacement parts, so it’s going to depend on where you live and who is willing to ship to your country.

In the US, Mini 3 Pro roll motors are available here on Amazon. There are some available here on eBay too – although, I’m not sure all are OEM DJI replacement parts. Both are using the same photos though, so they could be sold by the same seller.

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