Gimbal Fan Replacement Not Fits

Ref: Phantom 3 Pro Model W323 (not A, B)
I have to replace my gimbal fan following a crash, amongst other bits.
The fan I have been supplied as a spare does not fit. The mounting holes are in a different position /pitch to the mounting pillars on the main gimbal housing.
My original fan was smaller & plastic. This new fan is metal framed plastic body.
Has there been an upgrade to the fan & casting?
I will try to add photo of an original fan. Can’t add new fan photo as I’m only allowed 1 image.
Phantom Gimbal Fan 1

Do I have an old model & where can I get the correct fan? Any ideas?

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No. You’re attempting to replace an OEM fan with a 3rd party fan. Perhaps it’s not compatible?

This looks like the OEM part you need:

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