Get DJI Care Refresh with easy verification process (ends October 31st)

From now through October 31st, DJI is allowing DJI Care Refresh or DJI Care Refresh + (if you already have a DJI Care Refresh policy) to be purchased after recording a simple verification video in DJI GO. For comparison, this process is normally what’s required when purchasing a DJI Care Refresh policy 48 hours after a drone has been activated in DJI GO.

Note: If you’re currently a DJI Care Refresh policy holder and are purchasing DJI Care Refresh +, you’ll save 10% when purchasing during this promotional period.

In order to be eligible for this limited time promotion, you must:
  • Own a drone that is still covered under the DJI warranty (it’s less than 1 year old)

  • Own one of the following drone models:

    • Mavic Pro
    • Mavic Pro Platinum
    • Mavic Air
    • Mavic 2 Pro
    • Mavic 2 Zoom
    • Phantom 4 Advanced (including + model)
    • Phantom 4 Pro (including + model)
    • Phantom 4 Pro V2 (including + model)
    • Spark
    • Inspire 2
  • Live in one of the following countries:

    • For DJI Care Refresh:
      US, Canada, EU countries, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China

    • For DJI Care Refresh +:
      US, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China

If you’re eligible, follow these steps to purchase DJI Care Refresh or DJI Care Refresh +:

1) This process involves recording a video of DJI GO on your mobile device, so you’re going to need a screen recorder. If using an Apple device with the current version of iOS, you can record the screen with the built-in screen recorder like this. If you’re using an Android device, install one of these screen recording apps.

2) Record a video on your mobile device that shows these screens in DJI GO:

3) Send your video to DJI support on Facebook Messenger (start a chat here). If you don’t use Facebook, email or contact DJI support here.

4) If you’re approved to purchase a DJI Care Refresh policy, you’ll have 72 hours to make your purchase. Go here to purchase DJI Care Refresh or here to purchase DJI Care Refresh +.

More details about this limited time promotion can be found in the DJI forum here.

This promotion ends today at 5 PM PST. Take advantage of it while you can if you’re interested.