Gesture Control vs Smart Capture

It seems like the Gesture Control is a bit limited on the Mavic Pro and seems a bit clunky while watching some videos. Alternatively, it seems that Smart Capture is a bit better designed and can do more (e.g. take a picture OR video, move the drone back, etc).

I wonder if the Mavic 2 series will use Smart Capture or Gesture Control. I would imagine Smart Capture since it is newer software? Any thoughts on this?

Also, any one have experience between using both? Pros/Cons?

It seems to be same feature with a different name. The Mavic 2 will likely have front sensors that are equal or better than those in the Mavic Air. So, I’m thinking the gesture related features will be just as feature-rich in the Mavic 2.

I don’t often use the gesture related features on my DJI drones. I think you might find them useful if you’re shooting a lot of selfies in wide open areas. One thing I really don’t like about those modes is that I don’t feel like I’m in total control when not using the remote controller. It’s nice knowing you can manually take over at any second when the remote controller is in your hands.

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That’s a good point. I know a lot of people find the feature somewhat gimmicky, but I guess it depends on what you use the drone for.

I’m going back and forth with either keeping the Mavic Air or returning it for a Mavic Pro 2 so I’m anxiously awaiting the official specs, price, release date, etc. I like how small and portable the Air is, and I’m curious how much larger the Pro 2 will be. I really like the idea of OcuSync on the Pro’s.