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generation2 parts mavic air self repair

i discovered the drone given by grapevine is gen2 stuff meaning designed alterations modifications revisions to the parts of mavic air.

my question is whether to purchase parts to perfect mavic air that are compatible to gen2?

clearly, the top cover use to have two screws, now nothing.

if i buy the 4 legs complete, and the two half shells fuselage, thats all i want to perfect being portside motors rotate with mild eccentricity causing blurriness vibrate, and these portside samarium cobalts are incredibly overstrengthened & mismatched against starboard permanent magnets. the fuselage half shells are needed because the rear fulcrum legs somewhat crushed their respective stops thus the camber (caster?) (toe-in) becomes relaxed. the flight controller is suppose to negotiate these imperfections but it does cost you performance if you compare it against having no imperfections in parts.

anyone in the know if complete legs and shells will not be compatible to gen2?
this kind of revisions apply to laptops, cellphones, auto parts, etc., so who do you ask?