Freewell variable filters (ND2 to ND512) for Mavic 2 Zoom & Enterprise

Freewell just released a new variable filter set for the Mavic 2 Zoom & Enterprise. It comes packed with a variable filter that can be adjusted between ND4 to ND32 and a second variable filter that can be adjusted between ND64 to ND512.


These filters are multi-coated, lightweight, and come with a lifetime warranty. Each filter weighs 3.1 grams (0.4 grams less than the UV filter that comes on the Mavic 2). They are available for purchase here on Amazon (will be in stock soon) or on Freewell’s site here.

FWIW, variable filters = variable results. I have a variable polarizing filter for my P4P for over the lake vids, but a fixed gives more controlled results.

The Freewell Variable Filters are non- polarizing but the lower f-stop one can be dialed to “0” ND…I still need to test it at that setting, although I have read it is not suitable for panoramic shots.