Free music for your drone videos

Here are some places to download royalty free music for your drone videos:

If you’re uploading videos to YouTube, you can legally use some copyrighted music on your videos. Check out this article for more details.


Mike, thanks for the good info that you always posted.


Thanks for sharing, can I put the music from those sites to my video and then post the video to YouTube?

Yes, it’s okay to use royalty free music (like at the sites linked above) in your YouTube videos.

Thank you for sharing, since this topic was created a while ago i’d like to share my favorite site that contains more new music and sounds, maybe someone still needs it! Actually i have more links so if someone ask i’ll politely share them too, but mostly I’ve been using Royalty-Free Music Generation For App And Content Creators | Mubert Render for my youtube videos, these are 100% authentic and has no copywrite. There are also sorting by genres, moods and other specifical requirements so it fits well for drone vids also.

Thank you for great guidance - fantastic!