FPV M4P only uses Motion 2 controller 1/27/24

Thanks for updating firmware to connect mini 4 pro with goggles 2. But why… why can I ONLY connect with RC motion 2 controller. Nobody wants to use that. Update to work with controller 2 please - the controller that people want to use.

If your message was meant to be seen by DJI, you should post it in the official DJI forum instead. DJI does not actively participate in this forum and will likely never see your post.

The reason is that the MC 2 talks to the goggles and the goggles talk to the Mini 4. There is no direct connection between the MC 2 and the Mini 4.

There are two “controllers” that can control the Mini 4. The first is the standard controller with a screen, sticks and external antennas. The second is the goggles/MC 2 pair. The connection between the goggles and MC 2 doesn’t require much power - that’s why the MC 2 does not have external antennas and the battery lasts a very long time. In contrast, the goggles/M4 connection requires more power - requiring large external antennas and frequent recharges.

This got me to thinking… The normal stick controller for the FPV and Avata (i.e. the DJI FPV Remote Controller 2) also connects to the goggles and not the FPV or Avata. That leaves open the possibility that RC 2 - goggles - Mini 4 combination would work? @msinger

I’ll try that combination later today and get back to you.

The FPV Remote Controller 2 definitely will not connect to the Mini 4 Pro using the latest remote controller firmware. DJI is going to need to update that firmware in order to make it compatible.