Found Phantom 3 Pro Advanced I want to return

I found a dji p3 pro adv serial number P77DCK27B26207.
I live in Victoria BC Canada.
Is there a way to find the original owner?
Is there a Registry?
If it was mine I would want to know if it was found and I’d like to return it if I can.
The Camera and Gimbal is snapped off at the base of the mounting plate but otherwise no other damage.
The Battery still had a single led that lit up.
Charged the battery and it charged up in 20 minutes.
The AC powered up Normally.
I tried to connect the drone to my P3 Pro adv RC using the DJI Video several times to no avail.
I guess that the primary Questions are
-Is there a chance I can find the owner?
-And by what method/s could I try to find the find the Owner?
-Is it possible to link my controller to this AC without a camera connected?
There was no Memory card that I hoped might give a clue to the owner.
I would love to make it fly again and get it back to its owner but my experience reviving these is limited to what I have read in this forum.
Any ideas or suggested research or readings that might help would be greatly appreciated.

You likely won’t find the owner. There is no online registry of owners and DJI won’t help you track down the owner even if they have the information tied to that serial number.

If the owner registered the aircraft as per GC rules, contacting them may allow you to return it.
Post on social media regarding found aircraft.

Warning fines could brought against owner for not registering!
Government of Canada website:

Maybe able to download logs from the aircraft and possibly find the takeoff point…

See supoort message re logs: