Flying my drone in Egypt

Hi all, i am going on holiday to Egypt (Hurgarda) soon and looked at the regulations for flying my drone
and the advice is to get approval from the Egyptian CAA i have tried via e mail several times (admittedly in English) and had no reply. Has anyone had similar problems in Egypt, any advice would be appreciated.



You might want to contact the Egyptian Embassy in your country. You said you were going on “holiday,” here in the US, we go on “vacation…”

But first check out this web site…

Drone Laws in Egypt | UAV Coach (2022).

Besides writing in just English, also paste your request into Google Translate for Arabic and it will give you both written versions in Arabic. I recommend you let them know you are using Google Translate in case the word “Drone” gets mis-translated into “Cow…”

Also, do not be an “ugly tourist” respect their laws… Punishment for serious crimes included penal servitude and execution; mutilation and flogging are often used to punish lesser offenders. And whatever you do, do not mess with their flag.

For example:…

“I request permission to fly my drone in your country. This request is made using Google Translate.”

The Google Translator provides:…

أطلب الإذن بالتحليق بطائرتي بدون طيار في بلدك. تم إجراء هذا الطلب باستخدام ترجمة Google.

'atlub al’iidhn bialtahliq bitayirati bidun tayaar fi baladika. tama ‘iijra’ hadha altalab biastikhdam tarjamat Google.

Good Luck and Good Flying…